The pharma and healthcare industries are subject to a variety of regulations. A 100% inspection during and after production ensures compliance with the highest quality standards and legal regulations. Quality control and assurance are crucial points to the safety, and reliability of pharmaceutical and medical products. A camera-based inspection system is able to check for example whether labeling and packaging contents match, whether the instructions and warning sheets are included and whether the promised volume is inside. Transparent packaging and high speeds in particular represent special challenges for optical inspection systems.

Factory automation in the medicine industry requires cameras with high frame rate and high resolution. The products are moving fast on the conveyor, and the vision system must detect the smallest failures and damages on the pills, blister packs or bottles. Machine vision systems for pharma and healthcare products can perform identification based on color detection or optical character recognition even on pills or packaging moving fast on the production line. Image analysis in the pharma and healthcare production must perform the highest quality. The typical machine vision applications for pharmaceutical products are related to quality control and verification:

  • inspection of pills
    • checking the value of tablets
    • inspecting the color
    • measuring the size
    • checking the surface quality

  • packaging inspection
    • detection of broken blister packs, pill coatings
    • verifying the label information, printing colors
    • barcode reading for sorting

Machine vision cameras are outstandingly well suited for various applications in the pharma and packaging industry. Their features include:

  • High resolution
  • Fast image transfer rates
  • Small design
  • Easy integration
  • Cable lengths up to 100m

If you have a project in the pharmaceutical industry, that needs a machine vision camera or special digital industrial camera, please come to us with your questions, we will gladly help you to identify the core parameters, and help you to choose from hundreds of possible cameras and accessories to get the optimal solution for your problem!

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