Digital industrial cameras for machine vision applications are mainly used in Factory Automation, Retail, Traffic & Transportation (ITS) and Medical & Life Sciences.

Area scan, line scan, and network cameras, or complete optical inspection systems are used in microscopy, vending machines and face recognition, for traffic monitoring and controls as well as in industrial areas such as electronics and semiconductor inspection and print image inspection.

Besides these most common fields of use, special cameras and accessories are also parts of more new high-tech solutions in robotics, autonomous vehicles, defense and security systems, and intelligent products and solutions.

Most of these fields require cameras and accessories with special qualities and characteristics. A machine vision camera can have outstanding parameters like:

  • Extreme long lifetime
  • High mechanical, vibration and heat resistance
  • Several options for industrial standard interfaces
  • Different options for footprint, lens mounts and housings
  • Wide range of sensors, specialized for dozens of different tasks


Virtech Labs is specialized in distributing digital industrial cameras and accessories for machine vision applications. Our product portfolio includes hundreds of different cameras for different tasks. Our company is connected directly to other companies in the fields of industrial applications, machine vision based R&D, ITS, Security, Medical and Healthcare. Through the years, and wide range of different projects from all fields, we have gathered experience in developing camera based applications.

If you have a project that needs a machine vision camera or special digital industrial camera, please visit us with your questions, we will gladly help you to identify the core parameters, and help you to choose from hundreds of possible cameras and accessories to get the optimal solution for your problem!